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Personal Offerings
1-on-1 Session

Schedule a 1-hour intuitive reading and/or holistic business coaching call for personal clarity and mindful forward movement.

Meditation 101

Whether you are a first-time meditator or a seasoned practitioner, enjoy a guided mediation and mindfulness session as a personal wellness check-in.

Couples & Business Partners

Receive balanced, intuitive, solutions-based counsel. Receive mediative support to work through blockages/ disagreements as a team.

> Your Clarity is the first step to Peace of Mind

"The Healer is the Helper who Peacefully Waits."

"Buddha is the most accurate reader and comforting spiritual teacher. Having him guide me over the last 8 years has been a tremendous support to my life."

"Working with Noah was the best decision my wife and I could have made at a time where traditional couples therapy was not immediately successful. I had never meditated before and he helped me focus my mind on what I truly wanted to see and understand about myself."

"Noah has been an instrumental part of my life. He guided me through the sale of my dental practice and was 100% correct with the predictions he offered about who the buyer would be and when."

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