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Everything we are is a manifestation of Source; an infinite well of LIFE FORCE ENERGY expressed through each one of us.

"Having the support of a deep listener is the key to truly being heard."

Buddha-​Noah is a spiritual healer with high psychic and empathic abilities. His passion for energy healing and intuitive counseling at one time placed him as the #1 rated psychic in Los Angeles and a top 10 rated reader in the United States.

His counseling and readings speak to the heart of the matters presented; not catering to wants but authentic soul needs and deeply personal, internal questions.

Noah is compassionate, direct, and focused on mental, emotional, and spiritual well-​being. With his gift, he is able to connect to Spirit to answer specific questions, with precision, but most importantly 
honesty as an empath.

Each encounter is tailored to the individual/couple/team — taking into account realistic deviations in decision making, personal blockages, and personality traits. He is a non-profit founder that serves families and children of color, as well as a business consigliere to esteemed CEO's in the Los Angeles area.


Providing you with authentic and safe intuitive care for your journey.

I would like my life to be a statement of love and compassion   and where it isn'tthat is where my work lies."

Ram Dass

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